Will be back Suggest choose a knitted

Will be back Suggest choose a knitted vest, if is not very
high, the best collocation of brief paragraph coat, and try to cultivate one’s morality,
color choose brunet department, such as coffee color, black, so don’t look fat, also can
appear tall and skinny trousers advice wear thin legs pants, I also fat but wear the pants
all is very thin, suggest trying, looked at is flat shoes can wear points. The main color
should be accounted for a larger area, the same colour can appear in different parts. (2)
all your clothes color depth collocation, and will have something in between the middle of
the color. All the color of large area should not be commonly more than two. If flowers
dress or skirt, the backpack with the colour of the shoes, had better choose the color of
the dress, first of all wear skirt with shoulder-straps wear underwear quality is close
friends certainly

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