Red is also the colour of make individual

Red is also the colour of make individual , Match the color of the clothes can’t match together when: 1, because both yellow and white tonal too close, easy to cancel each other out, so is not very ideal. With light yellow color easy to cause conflict, is pink, and orange and blue is also a taboo match, people should avoid belly big pants to choose fit or slightly loose straight canister, can try to straight canister, starched suit pants, not loose. Don’t choose leggings, or loose 9 minutes of pants. It is best not to touch the hips have trousers of adornment of heavy and complicated, so easy to draw the line of sight to the hips the collocation of black and red is the best of . Black and white is the color of the two extreme , is the most cooperate, concise, to the most quality of . The of grey and black to attack

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