Girls dress must pay attention to details

Girls dress must pay attention to details, shirt + knitted vest + cloth coat + cords of the more have administrative levels feeling fit, so the modelling of make you also won’t appear drab feeling, is a girl, a necessary, appear the atmosphere and very eyes, and the feeling of micro loose just with the visual perception of thin, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses to girls in set is not correct, not only is easy to appear low gas, still can give a person a kind of very greasy feeling, so choose shirt + jean jacket, pants collocation, isn’t it look bloated figure curve are more likely to be less visual effect? Simple and not drab outfit, make it easy for micro fat girl wear a in full-on ~ one to wear can produce others envy psychology, nor lose ~ girls polo grid suit , jeans, looks full of , in fact clothes nor is too , is the best fit, this body , and don’t your fat ! !

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