Collocation is tight or thin skirt with shoulder

Collocation is tight or thin skirt with shoulder-straps will
inevitably occur the embarrassment of dew point, this is must be avoided. Secondly on the
choice of bra underwear, there are several options. Wears outside underwear first about is
very popular in recent years, in the light of the underwear of skirt with shoulder-straps
wear dark. White and nude dress collection of pure and fresh and inviting, but sometimes
afraid it passes our underwear off color, so the solution is to select a set of close to
the skin color, let them be in harmony are an organic whole Backless dress Is very sexy
backless dress or hang neck dress, in order to make the back in, the bra strap on the back
of the must be very lower, color of skin is the best choice, because these two kinds of
color and color is very close to, will give a person a kind of one integrated mass in
visual illusion. Wear a bra in the summer, in addition to the color is very important,
proud flesh is also nots allow to ignore the problem. When you’re wearing a tight dress or
qipao, damn proud flesh out immediately aesthetic feeling.

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