collocation of grey sweater cardigan

collocation of grey sweater cardigan, color looks bleak, actually have a good taste, is also very safe and the collocation of fashion.
White can match with any color, but the collocation is clever, still have to spend a bit of thought. White bottoms match stripe light yellow coat, this is the best combination of soft colors: wearing ivory white pants, suit small jacket with light purple, with pure white shirt, also can yet be regarded as a successful match, full show ego individual character: white ruffle with reddish coat gives a person the feeling: gentle and elegant body white t-shirts for wearing a red skirt, seem to be natural and unrestrained enthusiasm, in sharp contrast, the weight more heavy more subdued, white white is especially suitable for ladies

size of the chest circumference

size of the chest circumference. If the body and back fat more must be slightly lean forward body, bending over 45 °, and then measure the chest circumference.
After measuring the size of the chest circumference and chest around the two sizes, you can not determine the model of the bra, then you should use the size of the Wai around the chest circumference under the size = difference, is that you choose bra size Based on.
Due to the chest particularly plump and the overall droop: Be sure to have a wire-encased good inclusive full cup or 5/8 bra, give it an upward support force to completely encrust the breast, to prevent fat loss, raise the chest line, To fixed and plastic effect. Pregnant and lactating women: in the choice of bra must constantly enlarge the bottom edge of the size and depth of the cup to adapt to body changes. Such as postnatal body shape recovery is poor, the formation of the sagging chest to wear more full cup with a wire loop set bra.

Upper body tilt 45 degrees forward

Upper body tilt 45 degrees forward, let the chest into the cup. Step two: hold the bra side with both hands and slide the buckle back buckle. Step three: Adjust nipple position at the tip of the cup. (Very important, but also depends on the design of underwear is European or Asian design, cutting-edge position to be accurate, a long time do not pay attention to this may result in breast deformation or nipple depression). Step four: stand up and adjust, dial the exposed muscles inside the bra. Step five: Adjust the shoulder strap with both hands, leaving a finger width. Step six: Flatten the sides without wrinkles. Step seven: to do the overall inspection, underarm whether milk, behind the hanging.
If the breast position drooping, please hold the breast gently and then measure

pure white underwear is very prominent

pure white underwear is very prominent in light color and translucent fabrics. When underwear is worn, in order to create the shape unmarked to be the best, should match white underwear or light orange plaid underwear is better. The collocation of color pays attention to colour art. Contrast and coordination are the fundamental laws of color and the general rule of art. Contrast refers to the color of the two opposing tied together, through the comparison, mutual foil and the characteristics of both sides, red and black collocation is always so classic, and two kinds of color formation contrast color

Distinct layers of wen wan but person

Distinct layers of wen wan but person The color of the hat and clothes collocation technique Hat when they matched with clothes as far as possible choice of color close, the aim is to make people from head to toe level show clear some, and does not look right. If you choose a white hat, collocation is a black dress, it looks very abrupt, very much Personality to match clothes basic skills white White bottoms matching stripes pale yellow coat, it is the best combination of soft colors; In ivory white pants on In a lilac suit, with pure white shirt, can yet be regarded as a successful match colors, can show ego adequately; Ivory white pants and light recreational unlined upper garment worn with The basic principles of dress collocation In general

Red is also the colour of make individual

Red is also the colour of make  individual , Match the color of the clothes can’t match together when: 1, because both yellow and white tonal too close, easy to cancel each other out, so is not very ideal. With light yellow color easy to cause conflict, is pink, and orange and blue is also a taboo match, people should avoid belly big pants to choose fit or slightly loose straight canister, can try to straight canister, starched suit pants, not loose. Don’t choose leggings, or loose 9 minutes of pants. It is best not to touch the hips have trousers of adornment of heavy and complicated, so easy to draw the line of sight to the hips the collocation of black and red is the best  of  . Black and white is the color of the two extreme , is  the most  cooperate, concise, to  the most  quality of . The  of grey and black to  attack

Collocation is tight or thin skirt with shoulder

Collocation is tight or thin skirt with shoulder-straps will
inevitably occur the embarrassment of dew point, this is must be avoided. Secondly on the
choice of bra underwear, there are several options. Wears outside underwear first about is
very popular in recent years, in the light of the underwear of skirt with shoulder-straps
wear dark. White and nude dress collection of pure and fresh and inviting, but sometimes
afraid it passes our underwear off color, so the solution is to select a set of close to
the skin color, let them be in harmony are an organic whole Backless dress Is very sexy
backless dress or hang neck dress, in order to make the back in, the bra strap on the back
of the must be very lower, color of skin is the best choice, because these two kinds of
color and color is very close to, will give a person a kind of one integrated mass in
visual illusion. Wear a bra in the summer, in addition to the color is very important,
proud flesh is also nots allow to ignore the problem. When you’re wearing a tight dress or
qipao, damn proud flesh out immediately aesthetic feeling.

Will be back Suggest choose a knitted

Will be back Suggest choose a knitted vest, if is not very
high, the best collocation of brief paragraph coat, and try to cultivate one’s morality,
color choose brunet department, such as coffee color, black, so don’t look fat, also can
appear tall and skinny trousers advice wear thin legs pants, I also fat but wear the pants
all is very thin, suggest trying, looked at is flat shoes can wear points. The main color
should be accounted for a larger area, the same colour can appear in different parts. (2)
all your clothes color depth collocation, and will have something in between the middle of
the color. All the color of large area should not be commonly more than two. If flowers
dress or skirt, the backpack with the colour of the shoes, had better choose the color of
the dress, first of all wear skirt with shoulder-straps wear underwear quality is close
friends certainly

Manual work is a good dress upper

Manual work is a good dress upper body is
equipped with fishbone and breast pad, a strapless bra, just as its name implies is refers
to there is no shoulder straps can be used directly on the breast of bra. That has
adornment effect a strapless bra, used in the field of clothing, lingerie, in particular,
its characteristic is that it is set in a strapless bra decoration button connection, it is
ornamental buckle connections have decorative accessories, described a strapless bra for,
in fact now thermal underwear There are a lot of wear outside can be done with sweater is
the same effect Or is the appearance of fleece So wear alone and do not have what problem
Ordinary can match the knitted cardigan effect will be good And then outside can directly
match jacket down jacket

clothes modify hidden underwear

clothes modify hidden underwear use the below sweater collar underwear to match the sweater. If ms, can close to wear,
low grasp seem to be very sexy. Can also wear thin cotton underwear, it is best not to wear
a shirt inside, can appear fat, not beautiful, a lingerie display rack up 3 to 5 pieces of
underwear, both beautiful and eye-catching. Each underwear color wants to coordinate, each
piece of underwear with a special underwear clip, and the length of the straps to.
Preferably with series underwear collocation to hang sample list, invisible underwear
applicable situation: smaller breasts, low wedding dresses. 2, the garment applicable
situation: marriage gauze fabric is thin, his upper body no bones, wants to belly in charge
of the stomach and sisters. 3, what all don’t wear underwear: this situation exists,
because dress belongs

Character colour bottoms greatly should be a single color. Conversely